How we are taking steps to enhance & protect our environment


We will invest in improving our existing platforms, products and services to create scalable, sustainable and practical programs that create long-term and real environmental benefits, for both our company and for our clients.

As a company that not only operates its own facilities, but also manages a variety of services at thousands of client locations, 亚洲色情 has a dual responsibility to integrate environmental sustainability practices at both company-owned and client locations around the world.

We work to improve our own environmental practices, while offering expertise and practical solutions to thousands of clients to help them reach their environmental goals and enable efficient operations.

At our own facilities we implement programs to minimize our environmental impact in many ways鈥 from reducing energy and water use to employing route optimizing technology with our service fleet.

Millions of consumers including residents and students seek environmentally responsible products and services at home, at work and throughout their daily lives. As we move forward, educating and engaging our consumers is an important step in our potential impact.